Stop ransomware
BEFORE it starts.

Ransomware payloads are the endgame. If you see one—it’s already too late.

Vectra sees early signs of attacker behavior across your datacenters, public cloud, and SaaS to stop ransomware attacks long before data exfiltration or encryption—making sure you don’t end up with a ransom note.

‍Today’s attacks are driven by invasive human activity known as RansomOps, where actors use your high-privilege accounts to move laterally and search for, steal, and encrypt your most sensitive data.

Detecting early attacker activity after prevention fails is the only proven way to stop ransomware.

Early RansomOps detection means business as usual for your organization

Detection in the early stages of a RansomOp is critical to successful defense. See how Vectra detects and prioritizes a RansomOp through this interactive demo.

You can see and stop RansomOps attacks anywhere in your environment

Detect signs of attacks early using security-led AI

Once attackers bypass prevention, the clock is ticking. Vectra finds and stops attackers that circumvent prevention layers before they have a chance to inflict damage.

Automatically respond to stop attack progress

After detection, response is key. Vectra will stop the attack and you’ll see which host devices, workloads and user accounts are impacted, so you have the right data needed for investigations.

Your environment is never alone

Attackers work odd hours, and they like it that way. Vectra’s security-led AI and the Sidekick MDR team will respond to incidents 24x7x365.

Ransomware shouldn't get in the way of your organizational objectives

“It’s not a matter of if, but when.”

Paul Haywood, executive CISO of Bupa Global, knows exactly how much business risk ransomware poses to his enterprise—and that truly “it’s not a matter of if, but when.” Learn how he has partnered with Vectra AI to improve ransomware defenses.

“Now we’re well prepared.”

A.S. Watson Group, the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer with over 16,300 stores in 29 markets, views ransomware as their top risk. Vectra is a key element in their strategy to be ransomware ready.

Build long-term resilience against Ransomware attacks

Vectra’s highly effective ransomware solution centers on high-profile attacker behaviors that are common across all ransomware attacks and are mapped out in the MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND frameworks.

The Vectra Threat Detection and Response Platform

Our AI pin-points attacker methods, not just weird events.